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Dear Heidi

Your stamina could be stronger, your teeth could be brighter, and you will not need to stand outside when the outside temperature is pushing toward Zero. Think about the financial savings and how much more money you could have in your savings account. You quit before and were a non-smoker for nearly two decades. Please quit, again!

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Dear Jean

You have tried to quit before and failed but you have much to live for such as friends and family. I know you are tired of your house, clothes and car smelling like smoke. Now is the time to change all that!

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New Hampshire residents are opening up about their tobacco use–and we’re ready to quit.

Samantha davis

I have to do this. You can barely breathe. You question whether or not it will now have long-lasting effects on your health even if you do quit. You know also that when you quit, thats what when everyone in your family was diagnosed very soon after. It’s crazy the fear both ways has you in a hold, but will you do what it takes to stop for you and your family… I surely hope I do….

Ashley K.

I need to be the best version of myself for my daughter. Need to live as long as possible and be present now.


My Grandchildren. I had no idea the love that was missing from my life and my heart until these three beauties were born. I want to be here for them – to watch them grow and blossom and succeed. I know I won’t be around for any of those things if I don’t quit. Now.

Christine Oneil

Dear me,
You have smoked for over 35 years. You have watched your mom and 2 sisters pass away at the ages of 53, 46 and 43 as 2 died from lung cancer and one sister from leukemia. You are now 55 and just had your first granddaughter Emma. She needs you as much as you need her and want to watch her grow to be beautiful young lady.
You have suffered through so many tragedies, surgeries and chronic pain but I believe in you after all those years of self destruction to yourself by smoking. Time to let go of the past and enjoy a smokeless future. I know you have a fear of getting cancer if you quit like other people in your life but please have the strength to overcome your fears for not just your family but also yourself.
As you have been suffering through years of depression and anxiety stop using these illnesses as Excuses. You either want to quit or not. I know you want to quit forever and I believe in you…. you can do this… one day at a time…take control of your mind , feelings, regrets and fight as hard as you can. Don’t give up with reasons and enjoy those you love and love you. Ask for support in dark moments and cravings.
I know you are an amazing strong woman with thr biggest heart and so much love. Believe in yourself as I believe in you in your battle ahead. Keep the faith. Good luck on your journey.
Love Me



Dear Cigarettes,
I know we have been friends since childhood but it’s time I say goodbye. I have tried to break ties with you before but I wasn’t quite ready. We had a fun run but I’m starting to feel older and I love me enough now. My family and friends would appreciate the more time I will have to do healthier things. Letting each other go may save my life.

Yours truly
Julianna L



Dear me, I am ready to quit smoking because I am tired of searching for outside things to fill up that NP void inside whether it’s bottom whether it’s a relationship problem whether it’s a financial problem, I realize that I don’t have to slowly kill myself and make myself smell bad just to get 10 minutes of relief. I realize that if something happens to me, I will not only suffer but I will make my family suffer by having to come visit me in the hospital and watch me die and today I don’t need that, so I am ready to search within myself to find the answers. I can’t change the world, but maybe I can change myself in such a way so I can deal with the world.

Margo O.

Dear me
Remember when we were 14, and our brother stole a couple of pall malls from dad? We ran behind the big rock in the field and lit them up, inhaling and coughing and we said this is horrible! We aren’t going to do this again….ever! And then mom switched to salems with a filter. Donnie convinced me it was so much better and i tried it, and i liked it….ever since, lve smoked, using every excuse in the book. Oh i tried to quit, but the feelings of loss and longing were overwhelming. Now, i have COPD. I have to quit, it’s not a choice.

Katherine B.

Katherine B.

I’m ready to quit smoking I started to young. The last horrible habit I have to break these chains. I’ve quit before easy as pie. It seems tho lately I smoke more the harder I try. It’s the most disgusting thing I do I can’t stand the smell the taste all of it. Oh Katie please just give it up. The money I could save the health I cant get back. There’s nothing good about this horrible habit. And it’s bad for everyone around me. If I could do just anything else for me my family my health my life how do I encourage people to do these things I wish so bad to do if I myself am still struggling what kind of example does that set. I’m so ready to quit for good this last time. Dear me I dare me.