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Dear Heidi

Your stamina could be stronger, your teeth could be brighter, and you will not need to stand outside when the outside temperature is pushing toward Zero. Think about the financial savings and how much more money you could have in your savings account. You quit before and were a non-smoker for nearly two decades. Please quit, again!

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Dear Jean

You have tried to quit before and failed but you have much to live for such as friends and family. I know you are tired of your house, clothes and car smelling like smoke. Now is the time to change all that!

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New Hampshire residents are opening up about their tobacco use–and we’re ready to quit.



Dear me, I am ready to quit smoking because I am tired of searching for outside things to fill up that NP void inside whether it’s bottom whether it’s a relationship problem whether it’s a financial problem, I realize that I don’t have to slowly kill myself and make myself smell bad just to get 10 minutes of relief. I realize that if something happens to me, I will not only suffer but I will make my family suffer by having to come visit me in the hospital and watch me die and today I don’t need that, so I am ready to search within myself to find the answers. I can’t change the world, but maybe I can change myself in such a way so I can deal with the world.

Margo O.

Dear me
Remember when we were 14, and our brother stole a couple of pall malls from dad? We ran behind the big rock in the field and lit them up, inhaling and coughing and we said this is horrible! We aren’t going to do this again….ever! And then mom switched to salems with a filter. Donnie convinced me it was so much better and i tried it, and i liked it….ever since, lve smoked, using every excuse in the book. Oh i tried to quit, but the feelings of loss and longing were overwhelming. Now, i have COPD. I have to quit, it’s not a choice.

Katherine B.

Katherine B.

I’m ready to quit smoking I started to young. The last horrible habit I have to break these chains. I’ve quit before easy as pie. It seems tho lately I smoke more the harder I try. It’s the most disgusting thing I do I can’t stand the smell the taste all of it. Oh Katie please just give it up. The money I could save the health I cant get back. There’s nothing good about this horrible habit. And it’s bad for everyone around me. If I could do just anything else for me my family my health my life how do I encourage people to do these things I wish so bad to do if I myself am still struggling what kind of example does that set. I’m so ready to quit for good this last time. Dear me I dare me.

Roseilda M.

I’m quitting smoking for myself because I Want to be around for my family and don’t want health problems I want to feel better and my clothes and body doesn’t smell of smoke I’m happy without them

Jennifer D.

Jennifer D.

Dear Me already wrote letter a month or a little more ago. Just want to say good job self, been 6 months and 10 days no cigarettes, it’s been easier than I thought it was gonna be, I think it’s because I really was ready to give up that nasty habit. My lungs are in rough shape because I chose to smoke for fifty years. I thought they were my only true friend. Sounds crazy but it is true they were there when I was happy and sad, all the good and bad days. I never thought I could stop . I’m doing it though and my lungs are healing , I have days where my lungs hurt but everyday is a better day. I am so proud of myself, staying strong and truly happy 😁.

Michelle N.

Michelle N.

Dear Michelle,
Hi yeah it’s me. Your very dear friend you! Listen my girl we need to talk. Aren’t you sick and tired of looking in the mirror and seeing the damage tobacco has done to you. The deepened frown lines, the aging skin tone. Never mind what it’s done to your lungs. Waking up coughing up nasty stuff that is scarier than some of the things seen in haunted houses. The way food seems to taste the same. Everything tastes blah! Wouldn’t you love to taste a freshly picked strawberry from your garden. Mmm remember that??? I hate the looks we get when you light up in public. I just want to scream at you and say Please pay attention will you. How about your beautiful grandkids aren’t they worth it? I love playing with them. Running, playing tag, hide-n-go-seek, dodge and kickball, we run out of breath and have to stop playing. It kills me to see the disappointed looks on their precious faces. Babygirl those precious gifts are apart of us. We cried when we met each and every one of them for the very first time. A overwhelming happy cry of course. But I can’t bear to look down after we pass on and on our way to heaven and see tears of pain in their eyes as they say Daddy , Mommy why couldn’t Nina just stop smoking when the doctor told her over and over that smoking was going to kill her. And knowing that had you listened we would still be with them and watching them grow into the amazing adults they would become. Please please my friend nows the time. Let’s DO THIS! Reach out to our doctors, friends family or a quitting coach. The time is now! Before it’s too late.
Remember we are Strong, We are worth it, and we Can Do It! I love Us. Love Always Michelle Kathleen Nedeau


I’m ready to quit vaping because over time I have noticed the bad effects on my health. When I have kids I want to be able to keep up with them and live my life to its fullest potential. Im done putting harmful chemicals into my body where they do not belong. Today begins my quitting journey. 🤗


I’m ready to quit. I’m ready to quit adding errands onto my busy schedule to go to the store to support my habit. I’m ready to quit waking up in the morning and looking for a vape rather than looking forward to my day. I’m ready to quit biting my nails when I don’t have availability to be dependent on my nicotine. It’s gone too far, the dependency is not enhancing my life in anyway, it’s harmful.

I’m ready to quit making excuses.
I’m ready to quit.

Jennifer D.

Dear Me, I’m quitting Smoking so my health gets better. So I don’t struggle with breathing, so hopefully won’t get really sick in summer and winter. Usually ammonia, or bad case of bronchitis. Either one isn’t 😊❤️. Please 🙏 God help me with this task, it isn’t an easy one been smoking since I was 9 years old. I am now 58 years old and ready to give them up. I really enjoy them but I know it’s poison to my body. Please 🙏 help me heal from the damage smoking all these years has done to my body. I am a strong woman, who I truly believe in the power of pray 🙏 and that I’m strong enough to heal from smoking all those years. I Chose March 2, 2023 to quit. ❤️ So Far I have not smoked a cigarette, it has been 5 months and three weeks. So proud of me. ❤️ Good job to myself. I know now that, I truly am strong enough to overcome this disgusting habit, that I convinced myself I couldn’t live without. Change my mindset and I changed my life. Still have coughing fits, but are getting better everyday. I was carrying around a monitor to monitor my breathing when I smoked still it was always 92 now its 96 on good days 98. So you did it self on your way too recovery and healing 🥰 great 👍😊 Never going back. Always remember ❤️ You can do anything you set your mind too. I wanted to also remind myself that this summer, I didn’t get bronchitis, so I truly am recovering. ❤️ 🙏 😊

Dear Me: Ron

It’s impossible now to even imagine there being a time when I smoked three to four packs of cigarettes a day. For thirty years I inhaled that disgusting smoke into my lungs and blew it back out again, surely exposing others to those secondhand poisons.

My wife and kids never complained about the layers of smoke and tobacco stench that always permeated every room in the house. They always wanted me to be happy so they dealt with it. But I now wonder how many years I may have taken off their lives by that destructive, disgusting habit of mine.

My big regret is having started smoking as a young teenager. My bigger regret is not having stopped smoking much earlier in life.

And what I really cannot figure out is why I enjoyed it in the first place. Sucking hot, dirty, stinking smoke into my lungs… what’s to enjoy about that?

Makes no sense…

Stayin’ Strong,