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Dear Heidi

Your stamina could be stronger, your teeth could be brighter, and you will not need to stand outside when the outside temperature is pushing toward Zero. Think about the financial savings and how much more money you could have in your savings account. You quit before and were a non-smoker for nearly two decades. Please quit, again!

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Dear Jean

You have tried to quit before and failed but you have much to live for such as friends and family. I know you are tired of your house, clothes and car smelling like smoke. Now is the time to change all that!

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Dear Me: I’m Ready.

People across New Hampshire are ready to quit tobacco. Their “Dear Me” letters are not only helping them to affirm their dedication, but they are also inspiring others. Meet some of your neighbors and learn about why they want to quit or are staying quit. These videos are created from letters written by real Granite Staters’. Actors have stepped in to tell their stories. Share your own “Dear Me: I’m Ready” letter today.

“Ben” began vaping young. His main motivation for quitting is looking to his future as a father. He wants to take care of his health for the family he wants to have, and he can already feel the impacts of vaping.
“Sam” is a young grad who works in an office every day. She started vaping in college, and now she is tired of feeling like she is chained to her vape. She finds it annoying that she has to take time out of her busy day to feed her nicotine addiction, and she hates that she gets anxious if she can’t find her vape soon enough.
“James” is a grandparent and long-time smoker who had tried to quit many times over the years, but until recently had found it too hard to stay quit. James had suffered serious pneumonia and emphysema, as well as depression related to his smoking. Six months ago, he finally gave it up for good. Though he is still healing, he is feeling better every day.
“Kate” is a loving mom and passionate behavioral health professional. She wants to set a positive example for her kids. Kate is maintaining recovery from substance use, with smoking being the remaining thing she wants to quit. She acknowledges that it has been the hardest thing to quit for good.


Write your Dear Me: I’m ready! letter!


Read the “Dear Me” Letters from others who are also trying to live tobacco free.

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What are the impacts?

Thank you to the following New Hampshire businesses and people for contributing to the filming of the “Dear Me: I’m Ready” stories:

  • Teatotaller Cafe – Concord
  • The individuals who told their stories
  • The people who shared their homes for filming
  • Everyone who took part in the making of the film