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Acetone, Formaldehyde, Acetaldehyde
Learn the Truth

Vaping companies try to convince you that their products are safe. But the truth is, every time you vape, toxic chemicals and metals from into your lungs. Once you’ve breathed them in, these chemicals weakened your lungs and increase your chances of coughs, phlegm (yuck!) and bronchitis.

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Are pods and bars safe?

Refillables and disposables are just other e-cigarette products with better looking packaging and flavors directly marketed to youth. E-cigarettes can have the same cancer causing chemicals as cigarettes.


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It’s Still Tobacco
Nicotine comes from the tobacco plant. Even though it comes in many forms, all tobacco products are addictive.
The tobacco plant is the source of nicotine found in all products — cigarettes, dip or chew, hookah, and all electronic cigarettes. Talk or chat with a coach to help you quit using all tobacco.
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