Christine Oneil

Oct 4, 2023

Dear me,
You have smoked for over 35 years. You have watched your mom and 2 sisters pass away at the ages of 53, 46 and 43 as 2 died from lung cancer and one sister from leukemia. You are now 55 and just had your first granddaughter Emma. She needs you as much as you need her and want to watch her grow to be beautiful young lady.
You have suffered through so many tragedies, surgeries and chronic pain but I believe in you after all those years of self destruction to yourself by smoking. Time to let go of the past and enjoy a smokeless future. I know you have a fear of getting cancer if you quit like other people in your life but please have the strength to overcome your fears for not just your family but also yourself.
As you have been suffering through years of depression and anxiety stop using these illnesses as Excuses. You either want to quit or not. I know you want to quit forever and I believe in you…. you can do this… one day at a time…take control of your mind , feelings, regrets and fight as hard as you can. Don’t give up with reasons and enjoy those you love and love you. Ask for support in dark moments and cravings.
I know you are an amazing strong woman with thr biggest heart and so much love. Believe in yourself as I believe in you in your battle ahead. Keep the faith. Good luck on your journey.
Love Me