Save Your Breath is a vaping prevention campaign aimed at New Hampshire youth ages 13-18. Despite growing evidence that vaping harms physical and mental health, especially among youth, in the short and long term, vaping rates continue to grow.

In New Hampshire, 49.8% of high school-aged youth reported use of a vaping product (an increase from 41.1% in 2017) and 33.8% currently use a vaping product (an increase form 23.8% in 2017); in comparison 5.5% currently smoke cigarettes, per the 2019 New Hampshire Youth Risk Behavior Survey. Save Your Breath encourages youth to see behind Big Tobacco’s lies: while vape flavors make vaping sound safe, vaping harms youth’s lungs and mental health and the nicotine in vapes can make it hard to stop. The campaign uses digital platforms, including Tik Tok, Snapchat, and Spotify, to reach New Hampshire youth where they are and encourage them to take control of their health by saving their breath from Big Tobacco.

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