Most people who smoke want to quit–and it takes most people many attempts to actually make it stick. What helps one person won’t necessarily work for the next, and that’s why, in New Hampshire, there are many tools available to support people quitting. Whether it’s nicotine replacement therapy, phone or text support, or a quit coach who can outline a plan including recognizing your personal triggers, QuitNow NH can make the process more feasible for you. Start your quit today.

Every May 31st is World No Tobacco Day–a moment when advocates, public health practitioners, and leaders around the world come together to recognize the harms of smoking, tobacco products and the tobacco industry, and encourage people to quit for good.

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This year, the World Health Organization (WHO) is also shining a light on global tobacco farming with the 2023 theme “Grow food, not tobacco.” WHO is encouraging governments to stop subsidizing tobacco as a crop and instead encourage farmers to switch to crops that could help address food insecurity and environmental degradation. Learn more about this advocacy effort, and learn about WHO’s resources to help people quit tobacco.