Every cigarette is doing you damage, which can lead to lung disease, cancer, heart disease and many other conditions. The single most important way to prevent COPD and other fatal diseases is to stop smoking.

Quitting may not always be easy, but it will benefit your health and your wealth.
Free Stop Smoking Service support can make it easier to stop successfully and is available where you live to help you make this quit attempt the one that works. Call the NH Quitline or go to nhquitlogix.org.

Rocker STING has teamed up with health officials to promote a new anti-smoking campaign.

StingThe Roxanne hitmaker is backing the Every Breath initiative by Fresh and the British Lung Foundation, and has offered up his hit track Every Breath You Take as the promo’s soundtrack. The campaign aims to highlight the long-term effects of smoking, and Sting says, “Many people across the U.K. are affected by lung damage and other smoking related illnesses, particularly in the North East where I grew up.” visit Fresh to see the campaign.