Dear Michelle,
Hi yeah it’s me. Your very dear friend you! Listen my girl we need to talk. Aren’t you sick and tired of looking in the mirror and seeing the damage tobacco has done to you. The deepened frown lines, the aging skin tone. Never mind what it’s done to your lungs. Waking up coughing up nasty stuff that is scarier than some of the things seen in haunted houses. The way food seems to taste the same. Everything tastes blah! Wouldn’t you love to taste a freshly picked strawberry from your garden. Mmm remember that??? I hate the looks we get when you light up in public. I just want to scream at you and say Please pay attention will you. How about your beautiful grandkids aren’t they worth it? I love playing with them. Running, playing tag, hide-n-go-seek, dodge and kickball, we run out of breath and have to stop playing. It kills me to see the disappointed looks on their precious faces. Babygirl those precious gifts are apart of us. We cried when we met each and every one of them for the very first time. A overwhelming happy cry of course. But I can’t bear to look down after we pass on and on our way to heaven and see tears of pain in their eyes as they say Daddy , Mommy why couldn’t Nina just stop smoking when the doctor told her over and over that smoking was going to kill her. And knowing that had you listened we would still be with them and watching them grow into the amazing adults they would become. Please please my friend nows the time. Let’s DO THIS! Reach out to our doctors, friends family or a quitting coach. The time is now! Before it’s too late.
Remember we are Strong, We are worth it, and we Can Do It! I love Us. Love Always Michelle Kathleen Nedeau