How do I record a video for the Dear Me – NH campaign?

Here are some tips for recording your Dear Me: I’m Ready letter:

  1. Length: Keep it concise. Aim for less than two minutes.
    Clothes and surroundings: Aim for simple. Don’t have distracting images or writing on your clothes or items in your background.
  2. Lighting: Position yourself so your light source is in front of you. Natural light from a window works great.
  3. Camera position: If you are recording on your phone, film your video vertically (portrait), not horizontally (landscape). If you are using a laptop or computer, try to make sure your whole head and shoulders are visible and you are close enough to fill most of the screen from top to bottom.
  4. Limit background noise: Record your video in a quiet place. Indoors is likely better than outdoors.
  5. Avoid using stickers, text, and other features in your video.

What should I say in my video?

Your letter could be from the perspective of wanting to quit, or from already having quit. You can inspire others by talking about:

  • What is (or was) your biggest reason to quit?
  • What you could gain or do if you quit (or what have you gained by quitting)?
  • What led you to start using tobacco (smoking, chewing, or vaping)?
  • What made you realize it was time to stop?
  • How has tobacco impacted your life?

If you’d like to encourage others, you could add a tried-and-true motivational message to the end of your letter for others to hear, like:

  • “Quitting is hard, but you can do it.”
  • “There is help available if you’re thinking about quitting smoking. Go to”
  • “Write your own Dear Me: I’m Ready letter and share your reasons to quit.”
  • “I’m ready to quit tobacco.”
  • “Dear Me: I’m ready to quit.”
  • “Tell your own story on today for a chance to win a gift card.