Dear Me: Misty

Nov 10, 2011

I smoke for no reason, I smoke to many years, I don’t like the smell or the taste in my mouth. I’m coughing, I have developed bronchitis with frequent colds, I want to play with my grandchildren without being out of breath, go for walks with them, spend time; cause when I take time to smoke my grandchildren won’t come near me for about 45 minutes. I’m praying I can do it. I use tobaco to convince me I need to smoke to calm me, or just because there is nothing else to do, light up cause everyone else does. I have to put in my mind I can have a better cruch than a cigarette; I will carry a picture of my grandchildren knowing there healthy and I have a chance of being heathy again. The fear of not smoking again is tremondous; I will find supplements like mouth wash, candy, celery sticks, fruits, the first week is the most nightmare of letting go. I tell myself I can do this for me. My mind will tell me back not smoking is the best part of life. Wish me luck. Thank you for your support.