Dear Me: Melissa

Oct 3, 2014

You quit in 2007 because your beautiful, smart 2 yr son Joe begged you to quit! You did it! Remember? YOU and Holly, together climbed the depths of hell, you used the patch, you went to Exeter Hosptial cessation program and you quit for three years! Sadly, you started again during your divorce and now you’ve been smoking for five years 😦 But your ready to reclaim your LIFE!! Monday morning YOU WILL PUT ON THAT PATCH and be a non smoker! Remember how clear your lungs were, how amazing things smelled and the taste of food, omg the taste of food was outstanding!! YOU were SO PROUD! YOU can quit again! Finish this letter, go get celery sticks and mints! You have your patches, YOU ARE READY!
Your kids all wrote you their reasons, keep that note with you everywhere you go!
I love you, your kids love you and need you, you really wanna be a granny!!!

Love Melissa – A soon to be non smoker again! This time I will NEVER START AGAIN!!