Dear Me: Laura

Aug 16, 2011

It’s been about 14 years I finally gave you up. I am very happy you can’t control me anymore, But I do have to say there are times when I am stressed out I would love to pick you up and have get that 1 relax feeling again,
but I fight it off. I know how you are so addicting and all its going to take that 1 time and you will have me again. I keep thinking of my dad having hard time breathing. I remember those black walls & ceilings that I had to wash & paint. My clothes always having a terrible odor and I would have to carry perfume because you have a dead smell about you.

My dad & mom smoked & I hated it & today my brothers smoke. I am worry about his kids and when they grow up.
Dear cigarettes please stay away. You are nothing but trouble and you are just looking to do is to kill me….and I will refuse to let it happen. My life is too precious to let that happen.

I have a whole life ahead of me. My first grandbaby was just born and I will not let you be around.

Thank You,