Dear Me: Kim

Aug 6, 2011

Take a look back at your life and see all the positive things you have accomplished to make the lives of so many people better.How good you must feel about helping other people through hard times.
Now look back and see the one person you seemed to forget about helping out.And how you are still neglecting her.Got the picture?

Yes, thats right,it’s you, Kim.You can’t go back to right the wrongs butyou can start taking care of yourself today. YES i KNOW ITS HARDER THAN CARING OF OTHERS ,but its time to step up the challenge. YOU HAVE TO START SOMEWHERE,SO WHY DONT YOU START BY KICKING YOUR BUT INTO GEAR AND GETTING RID OF YOUR WORST HABIT.Yes kim, Smoking.Just throw away the pack and rely on your best friend to help you to succeed. She helps lots of others and i know she loves you enough to strive for your success. Thats right honey,it’s you so take a deep breath and do the toss.

Love Forever