Dear Me: January 26, 2015

Jan 26, 2015

I did not realize what a hold cigarettes had on me, but we were all exposed to “fags” as being hip, sophisticated and cool. Heck, we even got candy cigarettes in our stockings on the mantle at Christmas time !!! We would take one of Pop’s ciggies down to the cellar or out behind the garage and light up !!! There were no restrictions or regulations as to who could but cigarettes at the store, so we would be “dispatched” by Dad to the corner store( to give him a break and a chance to relax ) to purchase Lucky Strikes, Tarytons, or Larks (with the charcoal filters). Dad would always have enough to pick up some baseball cards, soda or candy bar!!! Later on when I had a paper route, I had my own cash, so I could buy some Winstons myself and smoke with pals along the paper route in the afternoon while American Bandstand was on!!! Quitting anything is always more difficult than starting it (unless you have a severe case of PROCRASTINATION!!!).

Ya gotta KEEP ON TRYIN’…!!!

God bless and “God save US all!