Dear Me: Heidi

Jan 5, 2015

Dear Me,

Please quit so you can experience the beauty that your grandchildren bring to your life. As the grandbabies age they are very smart and recognize that smoking is harmful, stinky, and dirty. Furthermore, this habit is going to kill you in one way or another. You stopped smoking and your daughter was a non-smoker. Now that she is in her mid twenties Sammy is smoking. Shame on you for not being the strong one and remaining a non smoker. Remember your father being one of the fortunate heart recipients and that his medical condition is one that you have, too. Your stamina could be stronger, your teeth could be brighter, and you will not need to stand outside when the outside temperature is pushing toward Zero. Think about the financial savings and how much more money you could have in your savings account. You quit before and was a non smoker for nearly two decades. Please quit, again!