Dear Me: February 24, 2014

Feb 24, 2014

Dear Me,

You grew up with both parents smoking and absolutely hated it! You got smoke in the eyes, ashes that went back in your face if you had the front and back car windows open, burns on your fingers from a hug with a cigarette in someone’s hand. Now you can barely breathe without a rattle in your chest, you have a terrible hacking cough that interrupts conversations and movies and TV shows and you’re not even 30!!! You swore you would never pick up smoking it was so gross why would you want to? You feel like you were literally pressured into it but you could’ve easily stopped shortly after, you liked it!! Made me feel sophisticated…does it still feel so sophisticated now that you can’t breathe and are instantly in a bad mood without cigarettes? You keep putting off quitting, saying you don’t mean, you’re just procrastinating!!! You wanna travel the world and relax on beaches, that’d be a ton better without a respirator!!

Love Me