Dear Me: December 30, 2015

Dec 30, 2015

You know your pulmonary Dr has told you all the damage you are doing to your lungs smoking with COPD . He has told you at the age of 58 your lungs are like an 80yr old. He reminded you how many relatives you have lost and that if you continue you won’t live long enough to enjoy your loved one’s who are still growing and your grandchildren who need me. But you still continue to dismiss all this advice because the addiction to nicotine has you believing it calms you when stressed it comforts you when your upset but you forget it also is killing you. You are ignoring all the warning signs even while using your nebulizer and inhaler you still continue to dismiss these warnings that your life expectancy is shortened the longer you continue to smoke. You have tried different methods of quitting the nicotine habit and failed, you use the excuse if you quit now it doesn’t matter because the damage will never heal it self; you always have an excuse even when you break the promises to quit.

Dear Me try again, be stronger, ask for help, don’t be afraid to fail and have to try again; it can work for you, it can give you a better quality of life left to live.

Dear Me I don’t want to die.