Dear Me: Cheryl

Aug 16, 2011

I was 10-11 my Aunt started me smoking, she wanted company to go with her in the woods and smoke. We’d steal a pack from my grandfather’s car cause he always kept them in there, right out in the open. He did figure it out after a while. You should have stopped then cause you really did not inhale. But no you had to let your brothers influence capture you and made you learn how to inhale so you could prove him wrong. So now your getting hooked on them. You smoked for yrs. through your first daughters birth and up to your second daughter’s pregnancy. Why did you not stop before I was pregnant the first time? You helped cause your oldest daughter to have asthma. But you did finally stop when you were pregnant with you second. Why then? Because you were finally listening to your body and to you child’s life. I finally quit when I was three months into my pregnancy. You could not smoke it kept making you sick till you could no longer, you had to listen, finally and did it you quit, and have never gone back to it. Oh so many times I would want a smoke but you have been very good and have never started again. Good for you, you did something for the good for yourself, know if I can fix,change a few other things needed in my life.

Hurray for me, I did it. Been smoke free for 22 yrs. now and counting, never to go back.