Dear Me: Cher

Jul 27, 2011

You know you want to stop, you say you hate the smell the way it hurts your sinus. The horrible odor that follows you everywhere it’s on your clothes, in your hair, on your skin. you will never get a boyfriend with that stench as your shadow. Your son will breathe better without a jacket hanging around that smells like it just came from giant ashtray. You should be feel lucky that you can breathe knowing you sucked on those tobacco sticks for 40 years of your life, yeah you should be thanking something for still even being here. I know it will be a tough road to go down, but you’ve seen tougher, watched others suffer through things, this is a piece of cake compared to what you’ve seen. You always want to do for others, volunteer, help out with events or whatever, do you really think you will stay in shape and be able to do these things if you light up again? NO, you won’t you will be too busy trying to walk up a stair, or carrying your oxygen with you everywhere, or not even leaving the house at all because you are dying and too weak to even move. Is taking a drag now worth the drag you will become? Is feeling good from that lousy stick of tobacco worth the pain and heartache and the I should of’s 10 or 20 years from now, or maybe tomorrow. Do you always want to worry about the result of that next doctor appointment?

So you are gaining a little weight, isn’t that what weight watchers is for, isn’t that why they sell healthy snacks at the stores,don’t you think a carrot stick an orange to suck on would be better than the chemicals you would put into your body with a cigarette? Start a journal quit and relax, take your time, find other things to do, walk take extra showers, start a blog, write a letter,(LOL),Do anything you can think of but do not go back to that horrible, smelly , addicting habit you call smoking. Besides smoking is for barbecues not humans!

Sincerely, Cher