Dear Me: Beverly

Dec 1, 2011

Do you know you’re 25 years old? Do you? Do you know that your chest hurts when you smoke too many cigarettes? I do. Do you know that you never DON’T smoke too many cigarettes? I do.

Your father just had a heart attack. He nearly died. Smoking is the leading cause of a second heart attack. Your family suffers from so many many many medical conditions. Why are you adding smoking? You don’t like yourself when you smoke.

You hate the cold, so winter and New Hampshire and smoking are a terrible mix for you. Think cold pain spikes in your finger tips and switching hands with each drag so you can put the other one back in your pocket.

So, why do you keep saying you have to quit and then not do it?

Seriously? Don’t you know you’re stronger than your addiction? I do.