According to Kennedy Restoration Co. of Portland, Oregon, the following steps need to be taken and the following items may need to be cleaned, restored, or replaced.

Step 1 – The Overall Cleaning
A basic overall cleaning of a two-bedroom apartment takes a team of three cleaning experts about four days. This includes a complete cleaning from ceiling to floor of all rooms. When dealing with tobacco smoke, there are several additional cleaning steps and all require an additional charge (see belowfor detailed list). Carpet and padding must be removed and replaced. If there is a sub-floor it must be cleaned, sanitized/deodorized and sealed with “Kilz” or “Bulls-eye” primer. If floors are yellow/brown from tobacco, they must be removed and replaced. If appliances are porcelain, they can be cleaned; if appliances are vinyl, they will have to be removed and replaced.

Step 2 – Ozone and Thermal Fogging Process
For these purposes, a portable ozone machine would probably be used for 24 – 48 hours, depending on the complexity of the odor. A thermal fogger could be used in conjunction with the ozone machine or separately, depending on the situation. The ozone machine attacks the smoke molecules and the fogger is used to penetrate those surfaces that are not easily reached i.e. behind trims, etc. In some circumstances, if fixtures are too yellowed and odiferous, they may have to be removed and replaced. If the odor has permeated ceiling fans and cabinets, those items may also have to be removed and replaced.

Step 3 – Sealant Process
Clear coat sealant is applied to cabinetry and doors if these items retain the smoke odor. Smoke will penetrate porous materials like doors and cabinets, however, laminate is non-porous, so it can usually be cleaned. “Kilz” or “Bulls-eye” primers are then used to seal all the cleaned areas. If the smoke residue is not cleaned thoroughly, the sealant process will not be helpful, as smoke will “bleed” through the sealant.

Step 4 – Painting, Appliances
Painting the entire apartment and the woodwork will be required.

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