Particulate Matter; It Matters.

Have you ever stood near someone who wasn’t smoking but smelled like tobacco smoke?

That smell is from third-hand smoke.Third-hand smoke (particulate matter) is the toxic chemicals from cigarette smoke that stick to soft surfaces.Third-hand smoke is harmful.

Where is third-hand smoke found?

Clothes, hair, skin, carpets, baby blankets, furniture, toys, car seats, tiny bits of dust, and many other surfaces. It can stay on surfaces for days, weeks, and sometimes, even months.

Third-hand smoke harms children, babies and even pets.

  • Low levels of toxins build up in children’s bodies to dangerous levels.
  • Babies have tiny lungs and breathe rapidly, so more tobacco toxins get into their bodies.
  • Babies and children spend more time on the floor where toxins build up. They put their hands and mouths on these surfaces all day long.
  • If you have third-hand smoke on your clothes and hold your baby, your baby will breathe in these toxins.

What can you do to prevent third-hand smoke from harming you and your family?

Make it a rule that you do not allow smoking in your home, car or where children play.

Try to keep your children out of the homes of people who smoke. Meet at a smoke-free place instead.

The best thing you can do for your health and the health of those around you is to get help quitting smoking.

Until you can quit, take it outside.

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