• One of every 8 people that dies of a tobacco related illness is a non-smoker.
  • Smoke from the burning end of a cigarette contains over 4,000 chemicals, 40 of them are known to cause cancer.
  • Children exposed to secondhand smoke (SHS) have an increased risk of developing respiratory tract infections, ear infections and asthma.
  • On average, children in NH make 1,737 Emergency Department visits for asthma related symptoms and 12,523 visits for respiratory tract infections annually.
  • In NH about ½ of Middle School and ¾ of High School students surveyed, report exposure to SHS.
  • Smoking in a small space, like a car, produces dangerous levels of secondhand smoke in a short amount of time. Having an open window or running the air conditioner does not clear the air.
  • Tobacco smoke leaves behind solid particles on furniture, drapes and carpets. You can keep your children and pets safe from these particles by smoking outside.
  • Even if you smoke, you can protect those around you from secondhand smoke.

The only safe way to protect children from the harmful chemicals in secondhand smoke is by smoking outside. Outside the home. Outside the car. And away from children.

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